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Realizing that the income derived from landholding could never ne remunerative unless land was put to optimum use the trust had to undertake several community development activities and the following were few among many.

The Trust therefore, had to undertake several community development works. The following are few among many-

  • 1500 Bore wells were sunk to provide for drinking water for farmers.
  • 1200 irrigation bore wells were sunk for exclusive use of the cattle.
  • 1150 tube wells were provided for agricultural operations of 2500 acres approximately.
  • Abandoned Irrigation tanks located at various villages were put in operation to bring thousands of land under cultivation.
  • Bridges were constructed at a cost of Rs.3.0 Crores in various villages with 75% of financial support of Government under Janmabhoomi Scheme in year 1999-2000.
  • To ensure improvement in school attendance and minimize dropouts and the mid-day meal program introduced by Government of AP, becomes a big success the Dairy supported the cause with Rs.30.0 Lakhs worth of utensils. The Dairy also distributed 10000 number of plates and glasses in 450 schools worth Rs.7.0 Lakhs. The Government also extended their helping hand with financial contribution of 20% the year 2002-2003.
Welfare Details
Sno Particular Village Year Remark Photo
1 Kalyanamandapam  Amberupuram Village,Chodavaram Mandal    
2 Kalyanamandapam  Arabupalem, Munagapaka Mandal    
3 Slab Culvert Bangrammapalem Village,, Sabbavaram Mandal    
4 Bed Grade Wall   Kattubolu Village, Rambilli  Mandal    
5 Slab Culvert Bhogapuram Village, Chodavaram Mandal    
6 Bore Wall And Water Supply To Physically Handicapped School  Atchuthapuram    
7 Bridge And Compound Wall   Khandhivaram Village, Cheedikada Mandal    
8 Bridge  Dandi Suravaram Cheedikada Mandal    
9 Bridge  Kundram Village, Butchayyapeta Mandal    
10 Bridge  Vaddadi Village, Butchayyapeta Mandal    

About Us

Visakha Dairy crossing the milestones redefined the company Spirit in the Country with Its achievements. Collecting 7 lakh liters of milk from two and half lakh of rural families every day generates income of 750 Crores of rupees of income in the villages to strengthen the rural economy. With the Dairy success story traversed beyond the territory of Visakhapatnam.


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